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Some differences in the Hartford staging and Broadway staging of GGLAM. (Part 1)

1. Lisa O’Hare was given a new pink dress with black lace sleeves for Broadway. Phoebe’s new dress is the same color, but a little more revealing and less-period looking. Eugenia’s dress gained some fur trim for the Broadway run. The scenery was also changed.

2. Chillina Kennedy’s Phoebe appears to have glasses, and less costumes than Broadway Phoebe, as this black lace top and skirt is the same one she wears in “I’ve Decided to Marry You”

3. Miss Barley has a green and black ensemble in Hartford, and a pink and orange one on Broadway. Asquith Jr.’s coat and suit are darker, and Hartford!Monty has a cap. 

4. Miss Shingle has a completely different, older look on Broadway. Isabel’s picture is different as well. They appear to be using the same one in the Broadway picture, but they don’t use that one in the show currently.

5. Lady Hyacinth is more dressed down in Hartford. 


Favorite Musicals

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

what can I take from the D’ysquiths
except perhaps, except perhaps
except perhaps their lives
who will look foolish then


"what state do you live in?"

constant anxiety

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excuse my language

So many fucks not being given in the making of this video

I didn’t give any lol

gave me chills


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